Actions cams or just single, small video cameras that can be taken anywhere are currently in full trend. GoPro has unveiled its Hero series before the brief fourth edition, HTC came with the HTC ReCamera on the market and now comes with the 360Fly the next candidate – but it makes a lot different.

The camera has long been haunted by the tech world, but it was quiet again for a long time to complete the project. Now she was by the FCC – the US regulatory authority for all approved radios and also published a “review manual”.

The name 360Fly was the fact that the inventor wanted to build a camera that has the same field of view as a fly – that is 360 degrees.

In the “manual review” can now be found some technical data. The camera has a horizontal viewing angle of 360 degrees and a vertical angle of view of 240 degrees, which is very impressive. According to the manufacturer it is so that the camera with the widest angle on the market.

Videos always takes the camera on as a 360-degree panorama that can be edited or cut in retrospect. Then takes complete control of the camera and the editing of videos using an app that will be available for Android version 4.3 and iOS. The data is transmitted via WLAN, while the control of the camera via Bluetooth LE.

On top of that the camera is waterproof up to 50 meters, which should be sufficient for most hobby divers. In memory there are different details. Thus says Engadget and also the manual of 16GB internal memory which is not expandable, the photos on the FCC, however, the memory using microSD card is realized. Whether this is changeable by the user, but remains open – I see at least no opening on the housing, on the this would be possible. Maybe it is in the photos simply an early prototype in which a micro-SD slot was still used instead of fixed memory.

For the recording provides a 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor, while the lens is a lens speed of F 2.5 has. With a charge of 1600mAh powerful battery should be able to shoot around 2 hours. Was added at a resolution of 1504 × 1504 pixels at 30FPS.

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