ACEMusic Player

ACEMusic Player

If you are looking for an alternative music player that can offer both an attractive appearance based on the guidelines of Material Design of Google, is full of interesting and useful features, ACEMusic might be the app made ​​just for you.

In addition to the classic features of the music player, the application offers an interesting selection of filters and a system of blacklists can exclude specific songs, artists, albums or genres from the list of the songs being played, saving you the fact of having manually clear (perhaps you’re simply wrong mood for a particular song ..).

In addition, ACEMusic features a powerful 9-band equalizer with the ability to choose certain EQ settings for each artist or song, so enjoy the experience optimum sound depending on the piece. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the Google Play Music, although this feature is currently being tested and is 100% functional.

So if you’re curious and want to try ACEMusic Player, you can find it on Play Store at a price of 1.19 euro following the link at the end of article, right after the video presentation of the app.

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