Acer Chromebook 13

Acer Chromebook 13

The Acer Chromebook 13 knows what the customer wants: After the persistent device was unveiled a few days ago, it is now already on Amazon for pre-order. The variant with Full HD screen and 2 GB of memory suggests it apparently with 349 euro record, a version in 768p resolution with only 299 EUR. However, the data are inconclusive at Amazon …

Since it has someone in a hurry: Only a few days after the presentation of the Chromebook from Acer already 13 at Amazon for pre-order. However, this was probably a bit hasty, the product pages at Amazon, there are some confusing and contradictory provide information on the specifications of the two variants offered for sale.

The cheapest version costs in the United States $ 279, we will have a Full HD screen be covered at $ 299 and then 4 GB of RAM is required, suggests the Chromebook 13 with $ 349 to book. At Amazon Germany two of these variants are now also listed, but a typo here seems to have crept in, because on the product pages vary the information about which hardware version it is in each case, between the heading, the Specsheet and the variant Shift button.

In this screenshot we have, for example, the discrepancy in the information on the memory red, which marks the screen resolution green.

We go at this time believe that it (accessible by clicking on “4 GB RAM”) for acting in the version for 299 euros with the resolution of 1366 x 768 and 2 GB RAM, available at the for 349 euros (click on “2 GB RAM”) to the Full HD display and 4 GB RAM. Surely this is not, until Amazon corrects the contradictions, we advise accordingly from buying the famous “pig in a poke”.

Who still dares to pre-order, receives an interesting piece of technology. One of the most impressive features of the Chromebook 13 might be the promised Acer Battery life: With a 768p resolution, the notebook reaches 13 hours useful life, in moving to more pixels there are still 11 hours. But also in terms of performance, the Chromebook does not need to hide his K1 Tegra processor – could be especially avoided through the efficient SoC on a vent. The Chromebook 13 brings relatively light 1.4 kg on the scales and measures only 1.7 inches in thickness. Two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI slot and a microSD slot round out the package.

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