ADATA has introduced a new member of its family of external hard drives, the SD700. In this case it is an external SSD that connects via USB 3.1 (standard Type-A connector) and stands out for having an outer shell that protects it from almost any damage, as it is IP68 certified.

Already the SSDs are much more resistant than the mechanical hard disks because they lack moving parts, and with this the impacts do not usually spoil the product unless they are very strong. In this case ADATA has taken advantage of this ability to create an external shell that gives them greater resistance and at the same time makes them even submersible (eye, resist dives and do not get water, but can not be used under water) .
According to ADATA, they have tested the SD700 with different resistance tests, such as immersing the device at 1.5 meters for 60 minutes or the popular MIL-STD-810G516.6 crash test of the US Army, all with success. So do not hesitate to recommend this SSD for travelers and professionals who always want to keep their data safe on their travels and need great capacity and speed.


Speaking of which, according to ADATA the SD700 are able to provide up to 440 MB / s of both reading and writing thanks to the inclusion of 3D NAND Flash memory chips. Of course the device is compatible with Windows, Mac and UNIX, as well as with Android using adapters.

The new ADATA SD700 will be available in two colors (fully black and black / yellow) in stores in capacities of 256, 512 and 1024 GB from the end of this month at a price yet to be determined. In all cases they have three years of direct warranty with the manufacturer.

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