AF-S Nikkor 300mm

AF-S Nikkor 300mm

In the second half of December, it was reported that the company plans to soon release a Nikon full-frame lens Nikkor AF-S 300mm f / 4 FL VR. These data were confirmed – Today the Japanese manufacturer novelty.

A key feature of the product, which draws attention to the manufacturer, is the use of phase Fresnel lenses (PF), which provided a combination of compact design, long focal length and image quality. Objects can receive much more compact and lighter than its predecessor with the same focal length and maximum aperture. According to Nikon, portable telephoto lens is well suited for shooting sporting events, wildlife, can be used to create photo reports about trips or detailed close-up portraits.
The appearance of the lens AF-S Nikkor 300mm f / 4E PF ED VR sale is expected in early February at a price of $ 2,000

The advantages of the products are also classified as the image stabilizer, Nano Crystal anti-reflective coating and a fluorine-containing protective coating. The effectiveness of the stabilizer is estimated at 4.5 degree of exposure. To capture fast action in the stabilizer added a new mode Sport, compatible with CONTINUOUS.

Technical data AF-S Nikkor 300mm f / 4E PF ED VR:

Focal length – 300 mm;
The angle of view – 8º10 ‘(5º20’ when used with cameras format DX);
Maximum aperture – F / 4;
Minimum aperture – F / 32;
Construction – 16 elements in 10 groups, including one element ED, and one element PF elements nanocrystalline coating or fluorine);
Number of diaphragm blades – 9, rounded shape;
Minimum Focusing Distance – 1.4 m;
The maximum increase – 0,24x;
Adjusting diameter filter – 77 mm;
Size – 89 mm diameter, 147.5 mm in length;
Weight – 755 g

Supplied lens AF-S Nikkor 300mm f / 4E PF ED VR Lens Hood HB-part 73 and Case CL-M3. The appearance of the lens in the sale is expected in early February at a price of $ 2,000.

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