The specialist in high-end monitors AOC has announced in an event that a new family of PC monitors specifically oriented Gaming in Beijing. AGON name (which means competition, confrontation and antagonism in Greek), AOC launch up to ten monitors of this family for the rest of the year.


Many times we have spoken about what type of monitors are ideal to play, while it is true that it is not the same as a user playing casually to another than it does on competitive, and that is not the same as a player MOBA games like one that makes FPS type games, since the latter require a refresh rate and response time much better. In any case, with the range AGON AOC aims to cover all needs and present versions for all tastes and colors.

So, we will see monitors AOC AGON sizes 24 to 35 inches (the latter format ultra widescreen aspect ratio 21: 9), with panels IPS and TN backlit LED, with response times of 1 ms and refresh rates up to 144 Hz with resolutions that go from the Full HD standard to the fashioned Ultra HD. Of course, among the models presented will also be curved for maximum immersion in the game screens, as well as models will be compatible with the technologies FreeSync AMD and NVIDIA G-Sync.


In all cases, the AGON of AOC monitors will be presented with a specific aesthetics and common characteristics. As to the first, include the combination of materials in the back with brushed aluminum inserts in silver or red, as well as bases very robust and stylized steel. With regard to the characteristics, we have a range that will fully Flycker-Free technology to use for many hours without suffering eyestrain.

AOC is expected to officially present the first models soon and be available in stores as of June of this year. Prices are still unknown, so we have to wait for the official launch to unveil this

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