Alcatel WATCH

Alcatel WATCH

We have previously written about the fact that the company is going to present Alcatel line of smart watches WATCH at CES 2015. In this post we will discuss in greater detail about what the Soup, and what they have interesting features.

The first thing to note when it comes to Alcatel WATCH, is their versatility. Smart clock work as with Android, and with iOS devices. The only requirement – a version of Android is not lower than 4.3, iOS – 7. With regard to the operating system, it is contrary to many expectations, not Android Wear. User interface Alcatel operates entirely on a different principle. Instead of a vertical list on houmskrine application icons are located. To get to interface with houmskrin hours, press the number “6”.

Strap is part of Alcatel WATCH hours, and with it the connection is via USB. Diameter display smart-hours is 1.22 inches, however, the pixel density is poor. As is the case with Moto 360 at the bottom is Alcatel WATCH dead zone in which nothing is displayed. As for the cost Alcatel WATCH, smart watches can be purchased for $ 150, which is $ 50 cheaper than most of the budget proposal for Android Wear and much cheaper than Apple Watch.

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