Alienware 15 Gaming-Notebook

Alienware 15 Gaming-Notebook

A few years ago you had to dig deep into their pockets when you buy a alienware notebooks. At the time, Dell and Alienware were regarded as one of the few companies which offered configuring laptops in style. Well mainly Schenker XMG notebooks with the brand is known for Alienware takes up the retreat and can significantly less space in hardware design. Nevertheless, there are still to decide where to Dell’s portfolio turned affiliates enough opportunities processor, memory, hard drive and SSD. It is interesting to price developments, especially in the last 1-2 years.

Much has been invested in new housing designs and Input Devices Alienware and also with the manufacturers Schenker, ASUS and MSI. Thus, the prices, but also the performance increased general and the former bargaining for gaming notebooks are difficult to find. Good starting point for Alienware, as compared to other gamers one is no more, the company which the name can be paid excessively well. In many situations, even the popular Laptops XMG a few euros more expensive.

We highlight in this article the current Alienware offer in terms of value for money compared to Schenker, ASUS and MSI. Manufacturers Acer, Lenovo and Gigabyte we have deliberately left out, as these have settled more in the middle-class gaming area or the spread in Germany has not yet reached the necessary relevance. The latter is mainly Gigabyte the case. Even the cheap gamer Medion Erazer are not represented, since the German company focuses only on the 17.3-inch range. In the upcoming special on Alienware 17 this comparison is then included. And although ASUS offers only gaming graphics card entry-level category in the 15.6-inch segment, we make a comparison due to the strong structure of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.
Processor & RAM

We begin our Alienware series with the good middle of mobility and desktop replacement, the Alienware 15 prices start to current time here at 1,299 euros. In this case, potential buyers can choose between an Intel Core processor and the Intel Core i5-4210H i7-4710HQ. Both full-fledged processors with a TDP of 47 watts depending on the configuration with two or four cores. Windows 8.1 is installed by default on all notebooks. Optionally, can be used with Windows 7 Professional, which kicks but with an extra charge of 48 euros. Without operating system, the Alienware 15 can not be configured. In memory there is a choice of 8 GB and 16 GB. In comparison, the direct competitor Schenker XMG P505 can carry up to 32 GB. The MSI GE62 series, MSI and ASUS ROG GS60 GL551 behave in the same CPU and RAM to Alienware 15th

Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks to price cut (Picture 6 of 7) Source: Dell / Alienware No throttling: The cooling system and the performance of battery + power supply for maximum performance.
Graphics Card

In terms of graphics unit there are three graduations at Alienware. This affordable model from 1,299 € comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M. From € 1,399 is already obtained the Geforce GTX 970M and only at 1,599 euros starts the AMD Radeon HD R9 295x. MSI uses from 1,449 euros, however, only to the two Nvidia variants, Schenker even on a Geforce GTX 980M in the maximum equipment from 1,800 euros. In the present datasheet us from the USA Alienware Nvidia is planning strongest graphics solution in the near future use. So far, this can in Germany but not be configured. ASUS still holds in the 15.6-inch area on the Geforce GTX 850M for starting price of 1,049 euros fixed. In a direct comparison Alienware is almost 50-200 euros cheaper than the competition.

A significant advantage is for all to see who opt for the external Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Nearly 249 euros to pay for this extra housing with PCI Express slot and 460 watt power supply. In this station classic desktop graphics card can be used, which would occupy a maximum of two slots in a normal case. Alienware offers optional for 416 euros a Geforce GTX 970, which there are much cheaper to buy in well-known online stores. About a proprietary PCIe cable Graphics Amplifier is then connected to the Alienware 15. The same thing applies equally the Alienware 13. When connecting the mobile Nvidia graphics solution and desktop graphics card disabled start. Thus, the Alienware 15 turns so quickly in an attractive desktop.

Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks Reduced price (Picture 7 of 7) Source: Dell / Alienware Cool thing: The mobile, gaming system is a desktop replacement with the external graphics unit.

MSI has a similar product with the gaming dock in the program. Here, however, the 15 weaker compared to the Alienware MSI GS30 Ultrabook is inserted into a docking station. For this fit into the MSI counterpart an additional 3.5-inch hard drive and there is next USB interfaces, a LAN port and audio connectors. The MSI Gaming Dock is sold in combination with the MSI Notebook GS 30 for 1,799 euros. So it’s all a matter of battery life. Here, the 13.3-inch notebook from MSI provides much more than the Alienware 15, but with significantly less power.
Display & HDD

Consistently, the Alienware is 15 with a full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) delivered together with IPS technology and matt coating. It’s available at ASUS, MSI and Schenker. Who wants to bet on higher resolutions and touchscreen, must forking out a whopping 380 euros. Then there are also 3,860 x 2,146 pixels (4K / Ultra HD). This is probably more interesting for the movie life, because the graphics cards have to cope with this number of pixels heavy high quality settings in games. Similarly, there is to purchase upgrades in the hard disk or the solid state drive (SSD). Standard is a 1 TB HDD 5400 rpm. For 89 euros a slim 128 GB SSD M.2 can also be installed. With 159 euros and 329 euros options for 256 GB and 512 GB SSD are slightly heavier in the stomach. The additional, second M.2 SSD slot remains free, so a third memory can be added later itself.

Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks to price cut (Picture 1 of 7) Source: Dell / Alienware Our recommendation: Matt FHD display and a 128 GB SSD for important data for the best value for money.

Schenker here gives significantly better configuration options. Four mass memory slots may be occupied at the XMG P505. The big advantage is that the user when configuring the XMG know exactly which hard drive or SSD is installed in his notebook. Alienware is silent on this issue. At what manufacturers have found the Dell technician, so you learn only when the Alienware 15 at the customer is at home. The same applies to the ASUS GL551JK notebooks, pure SSD solutions, a SSD HDD mixture and a hybrid hard drive with 24 GB SSD offer share. MSI is only made for high-priced configurations over 2,000 euros with its SSD RAID and an additional 1 TB hard drive.

In addition to the benefits and savings for the individual components in comparison to other gaming notebooks also just adds that Alienware places a strong focus on good housing. Aluminum and carbon fiber and soft-touch surfaces come here to use. Directly at first glance it can be seen that in the Alienware infected 15 much power. Futuristic and aggressively styled as otherwise only the ASUS ROG notebooks can. A fantastic gaming keyboard and Klipsch speakers are also one of the party. Bottom line, we can tell you who want to invest 1300-1700 euros in a gaming laptop that should engage in the 15.6-inch area for Alienware 15. MSI and especially the Schenker XMG P505 bring a well-made valent and in many respects even slimmer and lighter body with it. From design point of view but we see no particular reason to assume that the additional investments in these two producers on us.

Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks Reduced price (Picture 5 of 7) Source: Dell / Alienware High quality: Alienware relies on a combination of aluminum and carbon.

The ports we do not go into detail. Is to say that all gaming notebooks from Alienware, ASUS, MSI and Schenker XMG have current interfaces. HDMI, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit LAN, card reader, DisplayPort and sound outputs are available almost everywhere in short supply. However, the Alienware 15 allows an optical drive on the sidelines and offers only external solutions as an optional accessory. But Beautiful to look at the built-killer 1525 WLAN ac module of the Alienware 15, that would be connected, for example at Schenker XMG additional charges.

Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks Reduced price (Picture 4 of 7) Alienware 15 gaming notebooks – Excellent choice for players thanks Reduced price (Picture 3 of 7) Source: Dell / Alienware Side View: All connections are available in sufficient numbers.

Thus, the tide can turn. You had to schedule another 300 to 500 euro more if they wanted to reach for a gaming notebook like the Alienware 15 a few years ago, today you get even the best notebook at the best price. The most serious competitor Schenker XMG P505 is 50-150 euros more expensive than the Alienware 15 in almost all equivalent configurations, even if we extend the standard warranty Alienware on the opportunities offered by Schenker for 2 years.

The big selling point of XMG is the high-end components. For in Leipzig manufacturers customs area to a Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M and 32 GB of memory can be used also in 15.6. And while the Alienware 15 offers only room for two storage solutions, we can Schenker XMG P505 with two M.2 SSDs plus two 2.5 “HDD / SSD solutions equip. But you want to take advantage of this, you have to invest a minimum of 2,330 euros at Schenker. And for that price we could Alienware even the external Graphics Amplifier PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX including a configure 970 desktop graphics card than or equal to 2.380 for a GTX 980 from MSI use. For our taste Alienware offers here the better complete package in all price ranges

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