Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro

Alphacool has announced the launch of its new liquid cooling kit all in one Eiswolf GPX-Pro graphics cards, the first on the market with the ability to expand easily and comfortably by the user.

The Eiswolf GPX-Pro has a series of quick closures which allow the user to remove and replace the tubes and add new pieces to the set without even emptying the liquid or put more (in theory should not spill anything thanks to these closures) . Of course, this system will only be compatible with certain products Alphacool as Eisbaer for processors that could be integrated into the cooling system liquid in one so we would have integrated cooling processor and graphics with a unique radiator (though logically we could also incorporate more).


In addition, Alphacool has a system called “Send your GPU and Get a heatsink”. This system is designed for users who do not find a Alphacool product compatible with your graphics card, and is that the user sends the graph Alphacool, they design a heatsink for it and give it away to you when you return your graphics card. With this system, the user can also choose to pay 20 euros and send you the new Eiswolf GPX-Pro without radiator, or 50 euros and have it shipped to him.


There are two options regarding this new heatsink manufacturer. On the one hand we have the Eiswolf GPX-Pro 120 AIO, a complete solution that does not require any additional components and includes the sink, radiator and all parts of the kit “all in one” liquid cooling necessary for its operation, and Eiswolf GPX-Pro loose, a variant that is not a AIO kit consisting of the body that is installed on the graph and two tubes with the snaps on Alphacool, and with coolant therein and ready to use with a large number of coolers, radiators and other components of the mark.

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