Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Surprisingly, Amazon has an HDMI dongle to stream content to the TV. For all users Prime, Fire TV Stick is on presale now and for the next 48 hours at the discounted price of $ 19; then it will go to $ 39. The first shipments will start November 19, 2014.

Fire TV Stick is a smaller version of Fire TV. It has fewer features but the same user interface and the same type of media content can be purchased through the company store; The only exception are the more complex games. It uses a dual-core Broadcom SoC based on Cortex-A9, 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal WiFi antenna MiMo n and Bluetooth 3.0. It feeds through the microUSB and can take power directly from the USB built into the TV.

It is a HDMI 1.4b 1080p video output with support for 60 fps. It is supplied with a remote control dedicated to the basic functions and can be combined with both the Fire TV controller with microphone is the app for smartphones and tablets to use voice commands.

Amazon advertises as a rival Chromecast and Roku, as a solution for listening to music and playing of photos and videos on Amazon Cloud Drive, but we must clearly see it in action before you understand the inevitable limitations. The support Miracast, for example, will be compatible only with the Fire?

Fire TV Stick is a welcome surprise for US users; the hope is that there will soon be a European distribution. The recent launch of Fire English TV leaves some hope. If you are interested and want to order one, remember that you only need to subscribe to the probationary period to be able to get Amazon Prime for only 19 dollars.

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