Amazon Kindle Unlimited Flatrate

On paper sounds Kindle Unlimited Amazon once really good. Thus, after all, the choice of over 650,000 books, this is limited, however, by the fact that only about 40,000 of them are also available in German language. Furthermore, Amazon is extremely strong on its own exclusive books, as well as content from unknown private authors, which may occur as a publisher for their own novels via Amazon directly themselves. One should not expect that every current and upcoming Top Sellers will also be part of the program from Amazon Kindle Unlimited-automatically so.

But nevertheless are well-known books such as the novel series The Hunger Games to choose from, but in this case only in English. Harry Potter joins the ranks as the present one novels, such as books on successful series, including Castle, Star Trek and the Bro code from How I Met Your Mother.

The relevant books that are part of the program are marked with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited logo. The service can be tried currently free for 30 days, then the flat rate for books costs 9.99 euros per month. Can be read eBooks via PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or via Windows, Windows Phone, or Android device, and of course with the help of Amazon’s Fire tablet and eBook reader.

The conditions of Amazon Kindle Unlimited at a glance:

Cost per month: € 9.99
Free Trial: Yes, for 30 days. However, it must be terminated, otherwise the free trial subscription converts into an active payment option to automatically.
Prime membership required? – No, it is not necessary to membership in the Prime program from Amazon. Kindle Unlimited is also not part of the program.
Access to all books? – No, the access is currently limited to around 650,000 books, including more than 40,000 are available in German language.
What devices Kindle Unlimited is available? – With the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets and own eBook readers from Amazon, as well as with tablets and smartphones via the Amazon Kindle reading app feature, also via PC and Mac.
Are there any restrictions? – Yes, it can be a maximum of 10 books on loan at the same time.
Changes the offer as Prime Instant Video? – Yes, from time to time you can add titles, but also be removed from the program.
Can I cancel any time? – Yes, on the Amazon website and account management, the subscription can be canceled at anytime.

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