Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon will probably bring soon new Kindle e-reader of its series on the market, with the Kindle Voyage doing even a brand new model. There are not many details, but the devices are already listed on Amazon.
Already listed New E-Reader: Amazon Kindle Voyage

Over at Caschy I’ve just stumbled across the information that one already gets displayed new Kindle devices with the Amazon product search. This is again a new Kindle, with which it is expected in October and acting with a 6-inch large touch screen without mirror effects. Here we are dealing with a wireless version, the ad-supported will be to have a little cheaper.

In addition, there are also two versions of a model, which we had not previously on the screen. The device is called the Kindle Voyage and everything we know about it is that it also comes with a 6-inch wide panel in which we but do it with a pixel density of 300 ppi get (so far 212 ppi).

Prices are also called, which are, however, also has yet could act placeholders themselves. There is talk of “integrated front light” – that is all we know otherwise about the Kindle Voyager. The date here on November 4 is called, so on this new device we have to wait a little longer. We will keep an eye on the times and hope we can soon you tell more about the new Kindle devices.

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