AMD Radeon R9 285

AMD Radeon R9 285

AMD has the Radeon R9 285 introduced a new desktop graphics card for PC gamers, which is to settle in the upper middle class and will compete there against Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 760. Particularly interesting is the built-up on the card GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), code-named “Tonga”, because it embodies the most advanced graphics unit from AMD. The Tonga-GPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s GCN (Graphics Core Next) – architecture, home on a die area of 359 square millimeters 5 billion transistors and is manufactured in 28-nanometer process from TSMC.

According to the data of the new AMD Radeon should insert R9 285 in terms of performance between Radeon R9 280 and R9 280X. Compared to these two for quite some time commercially available graphics cards provides the R9 285 but the markedly more efficient working graphics unit and an increased tessellation performance. Substance can be relatively simple so that the R9 280 and R9 the 280X still use the already several years old Tahiti graphics chip.

Compared to the two mentioned graphics cards as well as the current top models of the Radeon-R9-2xx family – the Radeon R9 290 and R9 Radeon 290X, which offer each with a Hawaii-GPU – AMD however has some savings on the chip and card design of the Radeon made ​​R9 285 to make the efficiency improvements possible. So the memory interface is only 256 bits wide, so it is initially give only graphics card models with 2 gigabytes of GDDR5 VRAM. AMD’s partners, however, can offer VRAM on request models with 4 gigabytes.

In addition, the Tonga-per-chip of the new AMD desktop graphics card offers 28 Compute Units each with 64 ALUs, or a total of 1,792 shader units, and the GPU clock frequency is 918 megahertz. All these technical details, taken together, ultimately a graphics card, its performance should be above the Radeon R9 280, but under the Radeon R9 280X. The Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the R9 285 amounts to doing a maximum of 190 watts, while she was still at the Radeon R9 280 at 240 watts.

AMD wants to bring the new Radeon R9 285 in the course of September in the European trade. The company’s suggested retail price for the corresponding graphics card models is currently around 250 euros.

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