AMD Strato XT

AMD Strato XT

The network has test results GFXBench, which give an idea about the performance of GPU AMD Strato XT.
AMD Strato XT is a module size MXM-B with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory

As can be seen, the new shows enough performance against the backdrop of the currently produced models Radeon R9 M270X and Radeon R9 M295X. It is clearly superior to the first, approaching the second.

Recall the first mention of a mobile graphics solution Strato Pro was registered in the database of the Indian Customs in October. It is a module size MXM-B with 4 GB of memory GDDR5.

By the way, in November, crossed the Indian border, another mobile 3D-card AMD – Litho XT.

In conventional name Litho and Strato easily see reductions words Lithosphere and Stratosphere, ie the lithosphere and stratosphere. Given that the stratosphere is above the lithosphere can be tempted to assume that productivity will be higher performance Strato Litho. If this hypothesis proves true lovers maximum performance pleased to mention the following leakage of conditioned names Meso, Thermo or Exo.

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