Android M

That would not long remain inactive, the engineers and developers of Google was in sight. But there are already the first information on the successor of Android L which itself is not even available, then should not surprise a bit. In any case, the now emerged Details for something less users than for developers of apps that help their work is likely to be in the future a little relieved.

For example, the debugging tool logcat will support color text, which could be in the search for errors in the logcat output of greater help. The logcat-function displays all warnings, errors and other events of Android when calling. This is caused by an app or function events can evaluate and understand certain patterns of behavior. About the Android Debug Bridge shortly ADB, these entries even follow in real time, which is essential for the retrace certain events.

Apart from a new file format introduced with protobuf well, which is to simplify the communication of Apps with the Google servers. The user of a so-equipped app will not notice anything but. The two innovations are the way even as a code review in GitHub directory entered by Android (logcat and protobuf).

Although this news has virtually no importance for smartphone users is the more interesting one thing in mind: the first time the successor of Android L was mentioned by name and even more or less official. However, it must be happy until Android L appear, because that alone already brings numerous improvements.

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