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New rumors are coming in the last hours from the offices of Elephone which bring good news for all those who have in their possession one of the best smartphones on issues of value of time. It seems that a new update via OTA would bring about Android Nougat to Elephone P9000.

According to close to the company, Android Nougat for Elephone P9000 sources and be ready to be distributed to all models of this Chinese smartphone, who would receive the upgrade to the new version of the operating system Google before next month arrives to its end. This means that in just one month all terminal owners will enjoy the same of all the new Android 7.0.

pink nougat

We recall that this Elephone P9000 now be about to receive Android Nougat was launched as a phone with an attractive design as earlier this year. With leading features then as a CPU Helio P10 8-core, 4 GB of RAM or 5.5-inch screen; next month the operating system upgrade will lead to device improvements such as split-screen multitasking, quick responses to notifications, etc …

In his day and we collect all available information on the Elephone P9000 and its different models, so you can review it to assess whether to acquire one of the most affordable smartphones that will receive Android Nougat time before the end of the year.
 What are the differences between Elephone P9000, P9000 Lite and the P9000 Edge?
What are the differences between Elephone P9000, P9000 Lite and the P9000 Edge?
Edge P9000 Elephone addition, the Chinese company completed its catalog with two new terminals of the same family, own Elephone 9000 and the Lite version, two new smartphones also with 5.5-inch screen as the first, but not only they differ in name, there are many more details that are particular to each of the terminals despite their apparent similarities …. Continue Reading
The future of Elephone

Android Nougat for Elephone P9000 is not the only innovation that the brand could bring us this year that is now beginning to see the end. Without going Legos just a few days ago the company presented the C1 Elephone a mid-range smartphone aimed at a public looking for a cheap smartphone without having to give up the most interesting features.

The Elephone C1 with 5.5-inch screen is official 100 euros
A few days ago we echoed the new terminal was to reach the end of one of the most recognized Chinese brands, such as Elephone. The new Elephone C1 is now official, and it does especially with two major attractions, as is its large, 5.5-inch and a very attractive price, around 100 euros. To top off this interesting smartphone, your whole body is made of metal, so it is an option to keep in mind for the most demanding pockets …. Continue Reading
Later we will see a mobile screen Dual Real Edge of Elephone, so more than similar to those we see in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 addition futurible Xiaomi Mi Note 2. In addition to this screen which It could be the Elephone higher performance would also have a ceramic coating to increase the premium aspect of this phone.

Elephone is an increasingly popular Chinese brand in the input ranges and a half, although some of its products, such as Elephone P9000, are those phones that move between the diffuse barrier midrange features worthy of a flagship . But it seems like Xiaomi wants to do with the My Note 2 Elephone would be working to launch its own terminal with high-end features of truth, as is so striking as a screen Dual Edge, style Dual Edge Galaxy Note 7 .. .. Keep reading

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