Android One

Android One

Because as of September 15, the Group of Mountain View has been invited to an event to India, without revealing more details about the event itself. To what will go exactly where the event takes place and certainly a lot more will be given shortly before known. What is to be seen there can currently only guess, but there is little evidence on the basis of the Google I / O 2014 first guesses. And these will go towards Android One.

When this platform was first introduced they quickly got the stamp of “Nexus for the poor”. The reason for this are the best available smartphone with a pure Android that will receive their updates directly from Google and thus, in fact, can be compared to the Nexus family. So far, Google has won three hardware partners for the project: Karbonn, Spice and Micromax.

Be published for smartphones under the brand One Android, Google requires certain components. These include a minimum 4.5-inch display, an FM radio, support for two SIM cards and a MicroSD memory card slot for memory expansion and of course a camera.

However, the partners may not change the surface as it is usual with Android manufacturers. Only a few region-specific apps can be installed, but otherwise intervention on the part of the manufacturer is prohibited. In addition, Google has already announced that models of the Android-one family will promptly receive an update to Android L.

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