Apple A9

Apple A9

When it comes to the manufacture of individual components, so Apple has to rely on other companies. Be it in the manufacture of displays or even with the chips in the tablets and smartphones of the company from Cupertino. Ironically, Samsung is already since long been an established partner of Apple, whether it involves the powerful processors and displays. The latter are, however, now made ​​more frequently by Sharp and LG. In the heart of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus beats the new Apple A8 SoC (System-on-A-chip), this is made to approximately 70% of TSMC, however, around 30% from Samsung come. The advanced dual-core processor with 64-bit architecture is based manufactured in 20nm process, the successor you will even resort to 16nm process.

In the coming iPad 2 Air a higher clocked A8 is probably stuck, the Apple A9 you will probably get only possible with the iPhone 6s to face. Compared to ZDNet, Samsung now expressed and explained that it would establish, among other things for Apple, Qualcomm and AMD processors in the latest 14nm process. This new major contract from Apple is expected enormous growth in sales of Samsung. For the precursor Apple A7 is no wonder then distinguished himself 100% responsible, the one at Samsung much is it to restore a large part or even all of the processors for Apple. In the end, Samsung makes here a good deal and even Apple relies on a reliable partner that can deliver the necessary chip quality in sufficient quantity. Thus, the recurrent mutual attacks and actions play only a minor role.

Apple had already often tried in the past, independent of Samsung to position itself as a supplier. However, Samsung seems now to have again brought a strong case for itself, otherwise it is probably not explain why Apple will increasingly revert to Samsung instead of TSMC for the production of the A9.

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