Asus Android-Wear-Smartwatch

Asus Android-Wear-Smartwatch

Asus will present on Wednesday, September 3, at an IFA events its first Smart Watch with Google’s Android platform Wear. Informed on the one hand, the Taiwanese Central News Agency (CNA), on the other hand it reveals the manufacturers themselves with a first teaser video on Youtube. The unit shall have an attractive design and is officially bear the name ZenWatch. The price is likely to just below the 200-US-dollar mark, so far below what is required for appropriate Android-wear products.

In the teaser video from Asus anyone interested can take a first look at the upcoming ZenWatch already for a brief moment. Particularly telling is shown is not. As for the features, the Asus SmartWatch with the other previously known Android-wear devices from LG, Motorola and Samsung is likely to be comparable, since Google just room for individual software adjustments granted to producers at its wearable platform. In the CNA report nevertheless is of special voice control features of the Asus Smart Watch the speech.

In addition to these more or less than officially designating information is clear from the CNA report that Asus will announce on Wednesday only one ZenWatch model. This is can also be used without a direct connection to an Android smartphone in its entirety. Whether this also includes telephony functions is unclear. Will come on the market in October 2014 and the ZenWatch the first in the USA and some other selected regions.

Apart from Asus and LG will exhibit with the G Watch R a new SmartWatch at IFA 2014 and Motorola naming a date for the launch of the Moto 360 is expected soon.

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