ASUS Chromebook C200MA-KX003

ASUS Chromebook C200MA-KX003

Since the advent of tablets and ultrabooks, the once successful netbooks eke out a shadowy existence. Nevertheless, they still exist, netbooks and one of them is the ASUS Chromebook C200MA-KX003. As can be seen in its name, comes instead of a Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system Google Chrome OS is used. Since this integrates the cloud as a central component of the system, the local storage capacity is extremely low. The built-in 32 GB Book presented here have been the “big” version of the series. There are at purchase 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage for free – but only for the first two years, then fall (the present state) costs. Alternatively, the memory can be expanded via SD card.

The, code of honor ‘of netbooks is accordingly also the ASUS Chromebook C200MA-KX003 high mobility in the foreground, which is also at the expense of system performance. The latter is sufficient for office and web applications, more thanks to Intel Celeron N2830 with Intel HD Graphics but also not. On the other hand really impressive is the battery life. The combination of energy-saving components and compared to direct competitors very large battery, can other editors are true, according to a maximum term of up to 20 hours. In practical use – surfing and (online) Word Processing – remain still very good 10 hours. A positive feature is on, the system operates silently. There is simply nothing on board that noise could give of itself – neither fans nor classical rotating disk.

Given the mobility claim, the decision to build in a glossy display is to be regarded as a shortcoming. The resolution is great and customary for a 11.6 inch device in order. The latter also applies to the equipment. The WLAN of ASUS Chromebook C200MA-KX003 supports even the ac-standard, but it was completely dispensed with an Ethernet port. For prospective buyers should be noted that Chrome OS does not support all the usual functions such as a Microsoft Windows. Example, there are no Skype version and for USB printers is missing the driver -. Printing the detour via the Google Drive solution must be taken. The many places used as standard Microsoft Office is also uninstallable, Google’s online alternatives are partly significantly limited in features.

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