Asus Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB

Asus has announced its new graphics card Asus Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB arrives to offer a cheaper version than the RX 480 STRIX while maintaining all the benefits of the new AMD graphics architecture Polaris.
Asus Radeon RX 480 4GB DUAL: technical features

The Asus Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB is based on a new custom PCB which has been manufactured by Asus to improve the performance and reliability of the reference model includes a single power connector 8-pin to avoid problems related models 6-pin connector.
Asus Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB
The card owes its name to the presence of Asus Dual-Fan sink consisting of an aluminum radiator crossed by several copper heatpipes and a white plastic cover on top. We also found two fans that are responsible for generating the air flow needed to keep temperatures under control during operation.
Beyond that we have little news with a GPU Polaris 10 Ellesmere consists of a total of 36 Compute Units totaling 2304 Processors Shaders, 144 TMU and 32 ROPs running at a turbo frequency of 1320 MHz. The GPU accompanied by a total of 4 GB GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit interface and a bandwidth of 256 GB.

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