ASUS RoG GR6 desktop gaming

Asus ROG GR6 Intel Core i5-5200U

The division of Republic of Gamers Asus today announced the new RoG GR6, a new ultra-compact desktop chassis which has a volume of 2.5 liters. The performances are guaranteed, according to the Taiwanese, “supreme video games”, although we have to admit that the technical characteristics can be improved. Nell’esile wrap find an Intel Core i5-5200U and a GeForce GTX 960m, pairing designed to connect to a Full HD monitor.

Asus RoG GR6 Asus RoG GR6

Considering that the space available is higher than that of a notebook, Asus would have been more daring for example by employing a multi-GPU solution. As for the rest of the specifications, we find 8GB of RAM DDR3L expandable up to 16GB, a solid state drive or mechanical choice, and an integrated network adapter compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks. At first power will find pre-installed Windows 8.1.

The design is linear with matte black and red details. On the sides are a few notches in relief inspired to Maya, along with the Asus logo, while the brand RoG is placed on the front surface and is backlit with red LEDs. There are many features designed for the gamer that the Taiwanese reported in the press, as SupremeFX, Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar II to improve the sound quality, while the technologies GameFirst III should allow network performance up to the demands of gamers, giving priority packets from the video games.

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The design has been carefully designed to ensure operations upgrades simplified: the side panels are removable and give full access to the RAM slots and the storage unit. The cooling system should also be treated to provide a quiet ride even in play sessions heavier, they speak of 20dB at idle, while at full capacity the integrated fans should not produce more than 28dB.

Despite the size risicate, on the side of connectivity are many options. On the front there are two USB 3.0 ports, one for charging external devices without a PC, and audio connectors for headphones and microphone; on the back, however, we have four USB ports, connectors for both analog and digital multi-channel audio, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a Gigabit Ethernet.

Asus RoG GR

Who buys Asus GR6 can also choose the combination with mouse and keyboard RoG Gladius M801, or with mouse and keyboard RoG Sica RA01. The first combo is designed for players of FPS, and the second for the fashion of MOBA or RPGs. RoG GR6 is proposed with AI Suite preinstalled III to act on some parameters of the system, with an account for free on ASUS WebStorage with 100GB of space offered for free for a year, and with one year license of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

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