e carry several teaching you day new portable gaming and it is not by chance but because the Gamescom 2016, which is mainly focused on the world of videogames and software in particular, also has its own pavilion where both independent developments as well as hardware manufacturers and Pc can bring out their products to the European public potential from around the world, you want to replace their equipment.

It is almost impossible to have Asus in a kind of blacklist, in a place other than but of our favorite companies, because we have more or meno condition with them-and past experiences know, a product that leaves us wrong .. .-, the Taiwanese company people perfectly know that the reputation they have earned worldwide is due to the performance and reliability of all its products. It’s nearly 30 years of history in the market and now have in their catalog a laptop that is capturing almost all eyes in Cologne. The monster who submitted Asians is none other than the ROG GX800, which can be summarized as the smartest in the class; as well as who cheats and plays with advantage, as it has two graphics cards Nvidia best. Let us know more closely …ASUS ROG GX800 33 ASUS ROG GX800 22 ASUS ROG GX800 1

If it costs thousands of euros for nothing

The first thing to say is that this ROG GX800 is not the laptop that you’re going to get in the backpack, because they are 18 inches and has the size of a bible unadapted, but is that what is inside is above many high-end desktop, plus an impressive screen resolution 4K UHD. In addition, Hydro liquid cooling Overclocking offered us, we have a real scandal bet, a Martian who is leaving the competition with their pants down.

The ROG GX800 incorporates two 1080 GTX graphics Nvidia SLI configuration. The goal is to get the screen resolution can take advantage in some way, as to move the current games in Full HD or 2K would not have been necessary vitaminar to the computer with a CPU multiplied by two. Not to exploit and everything goes smoothly, Asus has preferred to choose the best processor you could, and that is none other than the Intel Core i7 6820HK with no less than 64 GB of RAM DDR4 memory. The screen refresh rate has Nvidia G-Sync, as could not have been otherwise. Asus ROG GX800 says that this is ‘which has greater’ because performance tests as Fire Strike Ultra records achieved over 76% compared to other notebooks in the industry. Anyone.


If you look closely you images, the keyboard has backlit LED RGB. If you ask us for the price, we dare not ask them nor Asus have unveiled at Gamescom 2016, as it was possible to imagine; but obviously a few thousand euros not remove them anyone. It is literally laptop rich, I do not know to what extent it can be considered both a laptop. It is ready to move absolutely everything, including everything you need regarding Virtual Reality. Therefore, anyone who can afford to purchase must know that you will have access to a monster that never before seen in the market.

Finally, and before the end, say that was also presented the ROG G800, whose main difference is that it is more honest to have a single Nvidia GeForce 1080, but also has the MechTAG keyboard mentioned before and the screen 4K UHD. In size, it is a little lighter.

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