Asus ROG Sica

Asus ROG Sica 2

Asus has launched a new specifically oriented to the world of gamers mouse. The Asus ROG Sica is an accessory designed by and for gamers with a design that wants to evoke the Mayan world and sports a powerful 5000 dpi optical sensor that can be adjusted in increments of 50 dpi. This mouse speed reaches 130 inches per second and 30 grams of acceleration. Along with this model, the Taiwanese company has also introduced a custom class with a hybrid silicone composition and fabric can be washed with water without danger to spoil. Both the Asus ROG Sica as the mat Asus ROG Whetstone are already available on the market with a price of 50 euros. We tell you all the details.

The Asus ROG Follow optical sensor uses a 5000 dpi which can be adjusted in increments of 50 dpi. This performance is enhanced with excellent speed of 130 inches and 30 grams of acceleration. One aspect that has sought to highlight the Asian company is building the main mouse buttons independently of the chassis that reduces the required strength and resistance to pressure. Omron These buttons also have some interchangeable sockets to customize resistance. This way, you get a better response when playing.

Asus ROG Sica

As mentioned earlier, this mouse is designed taking as inspiration the Mayan culture, with angled forms that give it a very attractive and with a steel gray. In addition, it is noteworthy logo Republic of Gamers (ROG) backlit which gives a lot of personality to the mouse. The full dimensions of the Asus ROG Sica stand at 115 x 62 x 39 mm, with a weight of 117 grams. In this case, we have opted for a mouse that uses a USB cable to run. This cable is gold plated to enhance their resistance to strains and has a length of two meters. The mouse for gamers Asus ROG Sica is now available in the market for a price of 50 euros.

Along the mouse Sica, the Taiwanese company has introduced a specific mouse for gamers that is intended for use by the mouse. This accessory Asus ROG Whetstone, the first custom brand that uses a hybrid silicone composition and fabric intended for a more precise and silent control, besides favoring a softer when you move the mouse over fabric. Moreover, one of the great advantages of ROG Whetstone is its durability. And the Mouse Asus has a strong unique design that allows water wash when dirty accessory after much use. Like the mouse, Asus ROG Whetstone already be found in stores for a price of 50 euros

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