Asus ROG Spatha

Asus ROG Spatha

Simultaneously with the mouse Sica, which has interchangeable buttons, Asus showed at CES 2015 mouse ROG Spatha, whose name is also borrowed from the knives. Sleep is called the Celts invented a sword with a double-edged blade length of up to a meter having a rounded or rectangular end.

The input device is aimed at gamers Category MMO. It has 12 programmable buttons. The shape of the mouse optimized for right-handed grip and the whole brush.

The kit will include a docking station to recharge the battery of the mouse.

The mouse can be connected to a computer via a wired or wireless interface.
In mouse Asus ROG Spatha uses a laser sensor

In mouse, a laser sensor and switches Omron, installed in the connectors which makes possible the replacement.

The manufacturer notes that the development of Spatha continues. The device will be released no earlier than the second half.

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