Asus ultrabook Zenbook UX305

Only 13 mm thick, 1,192 g of weight and covered it all with an elegant aluminum housing. Thus, it was the first contact with the Asus ultrabook Zenbook UX305, a first impression that left us all happy.

However, all was not finished surprising, we were also impressed price: 1,099 € which costs this device is not asking for a little ultrabook!

In all, this new ultra-thin Asus is in the same line (at least in terms of price) that the MacBook Air 13. So the question that interests us now know what Asus performance Zenbook UX305: is it the same as the MacBook Air? Are similar devices also in terms of performance?

Outside: a perfect finish

As regards the outside, the Zenbook UX305 has a good presence. It is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air (1.35 kg and 17 mm) and can not fault anything to finished. Furthermore, the fact seems Asus Zenbook one piece. Even the lid can be opened with one hand (as in the case of Air), all without the bottom, including the keyboard, are also lifted. However and unfortunately, this lower element has no lighting.

Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX305asus

Display: crisp, with antireflective

The screen is one of the most prominent elements. Thus, a diagonal of 13.2 “(33.6 cm), incorporated 3,200 x 1,800 incredible pixels. This is an amount almost 4 times higher than the number of pixels there are included in the MacBook Air (1,440 x 900). All this also affects directly on the display of Asus, which is much sharper. However, we must also note that, despite its sharpness, brightness missing something.

The reason for this decline is found quickly, unlike Apple, the Asus ultrabook has an anti-reflective screen. One disadvantage of this technology is that the colors are a little less intense. However, this provides a great benefit is that, in return, the screen will not disturb the constant reflections.

Asus Zenbook
And speed … like a train!

The Asus offers enough speed to carry out any activity by the user. And this is no surprise since, as engine incorporates the new Intel Core M “Broadwell ‘Intel and also RAM has a generous 8 GB which go far.

Meanwhile, instead of a hard disk (something that usually slow down your computer), it has included an SSD of 238 GB for the user to have the ability to store all kinds of information, such as software, music, videos and photos .

However, comparing both devices, the Asus test was minimally slower than the MacBook Air 2015. The reason for this result is that the integrated graphics card processor has to calculate more pixels than the MacBook dedicated graphics chip.

Battery: good but not outstanding

The high resolution display not only needs a lot of computing power, but also a lot of energy. For this reason, the team gasped after just over 4 hours. Compared with this value, the MacBook under Windows came up to 5 hours; MacOS to more than 10 hours.


Test passed: despite a reduced autonomy and a slightly slower speed, the Asus ZenBook UX305 stood a little ahead of the MacBook Air 2015 offers a better screen, more connections and double the memory. All this for the same price (yes, high).

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