ASUS VivoStick mini computer Windows 10

She arrives in Italy ASUS VivoStick, the latest mini-PC signed by Taiwanese and dedicated especially to all those who, while not wishing to take advantage of a laptop or a desktop PC to work with Windows 10, they are going to transform a simple monitor or smart TV in a complete computer, saving time and space.

VivoStick arrived in this country after 10 months of the official announcement, which some of us remember to be done in conjunction with the IFA 2015 German. It is basically one of the increasingly popular HDMI dongle, which are also used to create systems such as Chromecast or simulate the hardware of a real computer, as happened to Intel with its Compute Stick.

ASUS VivoStick mini computer Windows 10

The configuration that offers us ASUS VivoStick is that of a complete desktop, all in a space of a USB stick. The ease of use is obvious: simply plug it into a display port monitor that we have chosen and start surfing or dedicate ourselves to our favorite software with the power of the small Intel Atom Z8350 x5, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of included storage.

Despite the slightly larger size of a USB key classic, VivoStick does not miss anything in terms of connectivity, supported by a module WiFi 802.11ac, similar to the spread on the majority of our smartphones, and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connections. On either side of the USB stick also we find USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and 2.0, together with an audio connector for our headsets.

ASUS also well thought out to provide the Windows 10 system comes with a set of apps designed to make more pleasant the experience with the mini-PC, including ASUS HyStream, ideal for viewing streaming our media library, whether it’s movies and pictures with the possibility to access the directory of our Android or iOS device.

Is added to this app also VivoRemote, the most suitable system to control all the functions of the USB stick with a wireless keyboard and optional mouse, ideal if we do not lose ourselves in the midst of a multitude of cables for the setup of our new PC . VivoStick is also useful to project slides and see with friends and acquaintances in a video or play your favorite Xbox One through direct support to the console dashboard.

As we see, ASUS VivoStick is an HDMI dongle created specifically to meet the needs of those who, on the road or in restricted space conditions, needs to set an operating environment with Windows 10 in a few seconds: the results do not disappoint, and guaranteed multimedia

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