ASUS X99 ROG Rampage V Extreme

ASUS X99 ROG Rampage V Extreme

Since ASUS introduced its first version a few years ago, along with the now famous brand ROG Rampage Extreme motherboard has “crossed” with success several generations of chipsets and processors, gaining acclaim among fans of overclocking, gaming and general those looking for the top in terms of quality, performance and reliability.

In view of the debut of Haswell-E platform from Intel, then could not miss the new model, the X99 ASUS ROG Rampage Extreme V.

This mainboard has become such a security that users go without fail, trusting of the technical choices made ​​by Taiwanese engineers, that although on paper other products might seem more “powerful”. For example, if we look at the VRM, we find a classic 8-phase Digi +, which at first sight and for the less experienced might seem less attractive compared to other X99 mainboard solutions that have 12 or more stages.

The Rampage Extreme V provides a dual power connector for the CPU (8 + 4 pin) and a large heatsink that cools the power supply section that overclocking will definitely work.

The card format is an E-ATX and onboard there are 5 PCI-E 16x, 8 DDR4 DIMM until 3300 MHz, 12 SATA 6 Gbps, two SATA Express slot and M.2, at least 10 USB 3.0, 7.1 audio, WiFi, LAN and the now classic functions Diagnostic LED, MemOK, reset BIOS and LN2 Mode.

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