ASUS ZenFone

ASUS ZenFone

Asus has introduced the new Zenfone during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February, and now we know the date of marketing, Aug. 18. From 18 August will be possible to pre-orders, e-shop Asus, for the purchase of Zenfone, a series of devices ranging from 4 to 6 inches and start at an affordable price, € 119. Press release. Cernusco on Navigio, August 8, 2014 – Among the many innovations introduced by ASUS in the course of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​certainly stood out the new series of smartphones ZenFone, a whole range of devices with different proposals ranging from 4 to 6 inches, with minimal design and refined and characterized by brightly colored accessories, eye-catching, easy to meet the tastes and preferences of a wide and varied audience. Lots of features that make each ZenFone an object field. From design, refined and original, which reinterprets the ZEN philosophy – that inspired the various products of the company – to ensure ergonomics, comfort and ease of use really unparalleled.

The stylish metallic finish on the front of this phone underlines the attention to style and attention to detail, characterized by the iconic design of concentric circles – known for distinctive design and various devices found in ASUS. The new ZenFone are all extremely light and easy to handle, to ensure a comfortable use and immediate in every situation. In addition they offer a lively and youthful look thanks to interchangeable covers that allow you to customize your phone with your own style and unique color variations ranging from the elegant Charcoal Black in bright shades and vibrant as Cherry Red, Solar Yellow or Purple Twilight. The careful use of color and the ability to choose between many different colors also characterizes the interface ASUS ZenUI, which can also be customized to allow a perfect match to the color of your device and always be in line with their own style. ZenUI presents modern icons of “flat”, new animations and ring tones, and more than a thousand additions and improvements over the basic version of Android, with apps unique and useful as What’s Next and Do It Later, seamlessly integrated into an increasingly coherent and homogeneous which is also visually pleasing. Everything is at your fingertips, with direct access to the main functions with a single click.

The end result is unprecedented user experience, sensed and rich, the reach of those who have no previous experience with this type of device. The different proposals of the series are characterized ZenFone each for a different cut of the screen – with display ranging from 4 to 6 inches, passing through the intermediate solutions from 4.5 to 5 inches – with a budget that is confirmed extremely rich, setting new standards reference for this category of product. Starting from the screen, thanks to the ultra-strong glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which ensures incredible resistance to knocks and scratches and ensures excellent durability. In each size class, the display offers brightness and countered consistently excellent, providing quality and visual comfort as well as maximum reactivity, with a reaction time of just 60ms, a real record.

These features will add the functionality Glove Touch, ZenFone in models 5 and 6, which further elevates the sensitivity of the screen, allowing you to use your phone with any type of glove, also by motorcyclist. Performance is also very prominent, thanks to the latest multi-core Intel ® Atom ™ processor with clock frequencies up to 2.0 GHz and Intel Hyper-Threading technology to ensure consistently brilliant performance at the same time and maximum energy efficiency. So the app opens faster, the high-definition movies are free of slowdowns, the games run more fluid and immersive and navigation of web pages is always responsive, even for the richest pages. All this without affecting the battery life, which guarantees autonomy for a full day of use. All models in the series ZenFone also adopt the technology pixelmaster, rich in exclusive mode for a photographic yield excellent in all conditions and to capture photos, videos and selfie across. The exclusive ASUS photographic technology, combined with quality cameras with 5-element lens, resolution up to 13 Mega Pixels, and aperture f / 2.0, ensures quality shots with a professional, but always with extreme speed and ease.

I’m so available such as how depth of field, Scenery, and Low Light Time Rewind with which you can get photos and video really surprising and always catch the perfect moment, thus avoiding wasting precious memories. image006 More information on the individual models ZenFone entire range will be available directly on the website dedicated The site will be active from next August 18, the date when it will be officially launched at the preorders. During this phase, many preordineranno new ZenFone e-Shop ASUS will be entitled to a discount of 50% on accessories dedicated, by purchasing the accessories together with that of the phone.

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