ASUS ZenWatch


Zenwatch – this is the first smart watch company Asus. They work on the operating system Android Wear, which received several unique features. First, it supports multiple uncharacteristic gesture. Secondly, additional features for searching and unlocking smartphone. Price Zenwatch will be 199 euros. In selling the device will arrive in October.

With regard to technical performance, the Zenwatch equipped with AMOLED display 1.63 inches with a resolution of 320×320, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of memory. To work with smart clock there is an application Zenwatch Manager. If we talk about the design, the look Zenwatch very strictly. Classic rectangular housing in combination with a leather strap make smart watch an excellent choice for those users who do not want to attract attention to themselves by using newfangled gadget.

ASUS ZenWatch

Overview ASUS ZenWatch

The first thing to note when it comes to ASUS ZenWatch – this design. Smart watches stand out among competitors unusual body. The device is made in the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners, which is not typical of other smart hours. Thanks to chrome plating and a special form of ASUS ZenWatch look very strictly, so that the clock hardly will please fans of something more modern.

Unfortunately, the display device does not look as impressive as the body. AMOLED screen 1.63 dyuymaobladaet resolution of 320×320 pixels and covers only a portion of the front surface of hours. In addition to the display on the front of the ASUS ZenWatch a sensor pulse, which is very inconvenient. In the case of active competitors sensor mounted on the bottom surface which contacts the skin so that the measurement may produce at any time. The users have the same ASUS ZenWatch put a hand to the sensor.

ASUS ZenWatch

On the reverse side is a smart clock power button (which you are unlikely to take advantage of it), terminals for connection to the charger and several inscriptions, including an indication of the level of water resistance – IP55.

We should also mention the dock ASUS ZenWatch. It is very compact, perfectly keeps a watch and fits in your pocket. Because of 360 mAh battery will charge ZenWatch times per day. Of course, you can reduce the brightness of the screen and turn off the mode in which the smart watches are constantly working, but it will not give significant results. Catering to the docking station is served by using microUSB, which allows you to work with the operating system Android Wear.

ASUS ZenWatch

We should also note the presence of several completely different straps. If ASUS ZenWatch fit into your style, then there is a corresponding strap and replace the old one can be without any problems. The creators of Smart hours tried their best, making a beautiful device.
technical characteristics

Weight – 75 grams
Dimensions – 50.6 x 39.8 x 7.9-9.4 mm
Battery – 360 mAh
Display – 1.63-inch AMOLED
OS – Android 5.0.1 Lollipop
Processor – Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz
RAM – 512 MB
Memory – 4 GB
Moisture resistance – IP55
Connection – Bluetooth 4.1
Sensors – 9-axis, pulse sensor, microphone

As for the software, this Android Wear in pure form. This is the essence of the platform – a universal operating system that will behave the same on different devices. One should not forget about the application, through which the management of smart watches – ZenWatch Manager. It shows the battery level and has various options that allow you to activate additional features for hours. Firstly, it is possible to disable ZenWatch, covering smart clock hand. Second, the search device – activating this option, you make ZenWatch vibrate. Third, the alarm in case of loss of the smartphone – ZenWatch begin to vibrate when a connection with a mobile is lost.

ASUS ZenWatch

Of course, in ZenWatch Manager to change the appearance of hours – just the Annex 18. In addition, on a device can be placed three tabs – the compass, flashlight and signal SOS (when you activate the shortcut a notification will be sent to the first mentioned party).

At a cost of $ 200 ASUS ZenWatch very cool look and cope with all the basic tasks. Of course, Samsung is a multifunctional Soup, but they cost more.

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