BG Xonar X6

BG, specializing in the design and manufacture of peripheral gaming brand including keyboards, mice and mouse included, launches a new version of its successful headphones Xonar with the name Xonar X6, intended to raise, already, high level of the current range Xonar creating a very light and ergonomic model that facilitates much the long sessions of games that players often undergo often without having to experience fatigue.

This is about as flexible, lightweight and comfortable headphones that users forget that wearing them and enabling them to immerse yourself in the 7.1 surround sound of the highest quality. The ergonomic circumaural design Xonar-X6 is perfectly suited to you by having a padded headband and isolate outside noise without compressing your ears, thanks to the very comfortable softness of your headphones 40 mm that have been illuminated with an LED on green, corporate brand color.

If you want to record professional gameplays with the best sound quality, the Xonar-X6 are indicated headphones as your microphone to perform a transmission and voice recording incredibly clean. In addition to fixed, your microphone is flexible, so you can adjust perfectly or move if you just want to enjoy a music or movie.


With new Xonar X6 user you can experience firsthand the incredible thrill to sense danger and come on all your opponents with real 7.1 surround sound Xonar-X6, all a competitive advantage that can be modulated from its advanced configuration software along with many other details of his sharp and deep soundstage. And so that nothing will distract you, with the new Xonar-X6 BG will have all the power in the palm of your hand thanks to its convenient online control, from which you can adjust the sound volume and turn on or cancel the microphone with a simple gesture. Finally, the USB connection and the versatility of Xonar-X6 will be able to make you enjoy them as much as a personal computer (compatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system) is used as if a console is used as the PlayStation 4 . both to play and to listen to music, users will not want to be equipped with other headphones after feeling some Xonar-X6.

The new headphones BG Xonar X6 will be available in mid-November at a price 32,90

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