Blackberry DTEK 60 Phone

A little less than a month after announcing the cessation of manufacturing mobile, Blackberry launches today … a new smartphone. This is the 60 DTEK, a phone designed for business managers, while the previous model, the DTEK50 was rather for employees, if one schematic. Blackberry does not contradict (too) because if he said he kept the design of mobile, brand terminals have them always intended to be manufactured and sold, but by subcontractors. It’s a bit what he started to do with the range DTEK, designed by the Chinese TCL, which are integrated the Android secure Blackberry.

The DTEK are known to be ultra secure telephones. Every month, the manufacturer applies a security update that includes all the fixes Google Android. He is the only to do so as frequently with Google. The DTEK 60 gives an overview of the security of the phone and the user guide for improvement. For example, every time an application wants to take the location of the user, the Blackberry reported him ask validation. Blackberry can thus block the geolocation Facebook.

Stop making smartphones
Samsung’s misfortune could they promote the sales of DTEK60? Blackberry does not disclose its objectives, but “what happened regarding the industry, said Alex Thurber, senior vice president, Global Device Sales of former number one global smartphone. “The DTEK60 is a very durable device that has been designed with safe battery,” he says. It’s also a phone “high resolution, four times greater than a standard high definition TV,” it boasts. Its battery recharges quickly – it can resist for 24 hours even in multi-purpose – and it has a digital borrows sensor.

If this time Blackberry handles the marketing of the product, this is probably the last time. In the future, this will be the role of future partners, who will also be responsible for the manufacture of its smartphones. A first agreement was signed with PT Indonesia Tiphone Mobile, a subsidiary of the main Indonesian operator. It aims to exploit the BlackBerry license in Indonesia. The products will remain 100% secure by Blackberry which now intends to focus exclusively on providing software and services around mobility. Having failed to monetize its mobile branch. According to Gartner, it would weigh only 0.1% of the smartphone market today.

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