Bluboo Edge

If initially there were those who looked with some hesitation mobile coming from China, the fact remains that today have disappeared these suspicions. We are increasingly aware of the high quality that we provide these models, especially the interesting price that count. That is why we are always tuned for the latest models are coming to market. Today we talk about one that is coming soon, we refer to Bluboo Edge.

Presentation of Bluboo Edge in Global Mobile Electron soucers

Bluboo Edge
Bluboo Edge
Leveraging the Global Mobile Electron soucers that has taken place in China, Bluboo has presented various new models such as 4G versions of Bluboo Picasso and Picasso Mini Dual Bluboo, and we now occupied by the Bluboo Edge.

We can not overlook that this model seeks to imitate, almost clone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with which it shares to a similar name. Which refers to its shape.
It has a double curved glass screen and has almost succeeded in eliminating frames, something that we are seeing more in the latest phones. Its lines are rounded and has a central home button.

It has a Quad Core MT6737 processor which comes with 64-bit architecture, it has 2 or 3 GB of RAM and has chosen as Marshmallow Android 6.0 operating system.

We do not know many details of this model, we imagine that will be published gradually as its release approaches. A release date at the moment that is also unknown. However, it shuffled as the most likely Christmas this year.

We know the price either, but experts estimate will be about 150 euros, considering the terminal similar characteristics.

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