Bose Lifestyle 520 subwoofer wireless

Bose Lifestyle 520 subwoofer wireless

Bose has announced many new features over the last few days regarding the 5.1 systems, the Lifestyle Series III, are coming not just two high-end products, but also a lower-end model (not to be construed as economic) the Lifestyle 520 Series III. The basic features are the same as the two higher-end products, with a central unit, 5 satellites and an Acoustimass module. There are, however, some differences. First of all, change the control console, which is smaller and with simplified connectivity: There are three HDMI inputs and one output, an optical input, one coaxial and one analog RCA.

It also changes the remote control unit operates simplified infrared, and disappears Unify, the guide that allows you to set, with ease, all the items necessary for the proper functioning of the system. The speakers are the Direct / Reflecting Series II, combined with a wireless subwoofer.

Lifestyle 520 Series III also lacks wireless adapter SoundTouch, to make the system an integral part of the ecosystem multiroom Bose. The above adapter can be purchased separately as an optional accessory. The price is significantly lower than the “big brothers”: the Bose Lifestyle 520 offers for the price of 1,599 euros.

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