Bose Soundsystem SoundTouch Wi-Fi

Bose Soundsystem SoundTouch Wi-Fi

The manufacturer Bose has introduced new systems of series Sound Touch Wi-Fi. The devices could therefore also access to streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer. According to Bose, the improved interface and app can come up with new features like a music search, so that the operator via smartphone and tablet is more comfortable. Overall Bose presented at the second generation of sound Touch Wi-Fi around twelve new systems. There can also be multiple sets interlink when about for several rooms a central operation is desired.

All models in the series are to have both in black and white. Thanks to compatibility with Apple AirPlay owner of the Bose Sound Touch Wi-Fi can also stream content from their iPads, iPhone or iPod touch.
Commercially the Bose Sound Touch Wi-Fi from the 10 October 2014 are available. As price recommendations called

Sound Touch 30 Series II Wi-Fi Music System – 699.95 €
Sound Touch 20 Series II Wi-Fi Music System 399.95 €
Sound Touch Series II Portable Wi-Fi Music System 399.95 €
Lifestyle Home Entertainment Systems 2.899,00 Euro (home)
CineMate Home Cinema Systems 1.099,00 Euro (home)
Sound Touch ™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi Music System 1.199,00 €

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