Canon EOS 1300D with WiFi and NFC

Canon continues to launch new nonstop. Now the firm has released the Canon EOS 1300D, which is characterized by a camera that is designed for beginners or people who do not want to complicate your life taking pictures, but getting good shots through improved for pictures and video functions. Simplicity and practicality that binds to the ability to share images instantly with WiFi and NFC Dynamic connection.

Canon EOS 1300D with WiFi and NFC 2

Canon EOS 1300D with WiFi and NFC

Canon EOS 1300D


This camera has an APS-C 18-megapixel sensor and has a DIGIC 4+ processor, making it possible to capture all the details and all the colors are in a scene. In addition, by controlling depth of field, you can take pictures where people or objects stand out from the unfocused background.

These are the only possibilities offered by the Canon EOS 1300D, which is defined to be a very versatile model, since it is possible to take close-up shots or portraits, cityscapes, nature photos …

This digital SLR camera also has several features to take pictures in the simplest way. With the Intelligent Scene Mode, the Canon EOS 1300D is responsible for making all settings automatically, apart from having more modes that are choosing as the dial is rotated. These include, for example, the Food mode. It also highlights the autofocus, which is very fast, and creative filters such as toy camera and fisheye, among others.

Canon EOS 1300D with free WiFi and NFC Dynamic
The camera also allows manual adjustments or semiautomatic controls to choose creative settings such as shutter speed and ISO sensitivity from 100 to 6400, expandable to ISO 12,800.

Video recording with full HD quality, the user can have the same manual controls in the photo. It also features modes such as video snapshots to record a series of short clips, which bind in a sequence of continuous video.


Without any doubt, this is a section that highlights the camera thanks to the WiFi connection, which allows uploading to the cloud services directly, and Dynamic NFC to share photos quickly using mobile devices

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