Corsair HX1200i

Corsair HX1200i

In a series of power supply units Corsair Hxi, presented last summer, includes three models with capacity up to 1 kW. But now kilowatt mark is overcome with power 1200W – Corsair HX1200i, not yet officially submitted.

Housing news will be 20 mm longer than the other representatives of the series – now 200 mm. Block retained 80 Plus Platinum certification with an efficiency as high as 92% and bus support Corsair Link, allows monitoring of BP, change the number of virtual line voltage and fan speed. When you load up to about 500 W fan remains stationary, and up to 750 watts keeps a low noise level of about 12 dBA.

Promises high stability of output voltage and low noise and ripple. Provides protection against excess voltage, current, temperature, and a short circuit. All cables are detachable.

The price unit Corsair HX1200i said nothing, as the timing of the appearance on the market.

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