Cougar 500K

Cougar 500K

Cougar company has expanded its list of gaming accessories, presenting game pad Cougar 500K, which, according to the manufacturer, should forever change the market for membrane keyboards.

Cougar positioning the device as a keyboard for those players who, because of habit or desire to save money using membrane keyboards, but they do not want to concede anything in online battles gamers with mechanical keyboards. According to a press release, Cougar 500K – one of several membrane keyboards on the market with support for N-Key Rollover, the essence of which is to ensure that the user can simultaneously press any number key, all commands will be processed correctly. With this Cougar 500K competes with expensive mechanical keyboards.

In addition, Cougar 500K copies keyboard shortcuts and other functional mechanical keyboard Cougar 700K, offering six programmable G-keys, individual keys for recording macros, control multimedia functions, lock, Windows, and the ability to switch between profiles on the fly and lighting control. In addition, the bundle includes a removable support for brushes, which can increase the comfort in prolonged gaming sessions.

All the functionality of the keyboard can be controlled by software Cougar UIX Device Management System, which is available free of charge to all products Cougar.

Cougar 500K price tag has not been made public, but given the strong statements about the competition with a mechanical keyboard, it clearly must be at an attractive level.

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