CPU Intel Broadwell Desktop

CPU Intel Broadwell Desktop

Like a lightning bolt to the blue, but this time in a positive, comes a new and important update on Intel Broadwell to 14 nanometers, as you know by now expected by year-end versions Mobile series Y (CPU Intel Broadwell here is the first series models Y).

The news echoed by colleagues fudzilla.com, reports that Broadwell Desktop Processors use the socket LGA 1150 and LGA 1151 as not an elusive until now it was said. This means that the new CPUs will be backwards compatible with the current platform Z97 / H97 Haswell and, why not, even with the Z87 series motherboards / H87 presented last year (perhaps with upgrading the BIOS)

A sigh of relief for fans and supporters that Intel had already come to terms with the possible purchase of a motherboard with 100 chipset series, which in any case will be presented together with the CPU next year.

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