DeepCool D-Shield

Deepcool has unveiled a new cabinet. The cabinet is named D-Shield and accommodates a full ATX motherboard. The whole is largely built of SECC steel, but even though the front panel gives the impression of brushed aluminum goes into practice, to plastic.

The D-Shield measuring 425 x 188 x 463 mm and is fitted with a plexiglass side panel. The cabinet can accommodate two 5.25-inch, two 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drives. The necessary cooling can be placed in the front housing two 120mm intake fans, also resulted in a 120 mm fan on top of the cabinet and is supplied with a 120mm outtake fan. The D-Shield accommodate graphics cards up to a length of 350mm and CPU coolers up to a height of 160 mm. At the top are two USB 2.0 ports, to find one USB 3.0 port and 3.5mm jack connectors.

Pricing and availability is to date unknown.

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