DeepCool GameStorm TF120

DeepCool GameStorm TF120

DeepCool just announced its new 120 mm fan diameter high performance GameStorm TF120, which is characterized by a design of its blades “two layers” very unusual, as they have a kind of spoiler at the end of which, according to the manufacturer works to move a greater amount of air per rotation of the blades.

The purpose of this kind of “spoiler” present in the nine fan blades is to move a larger amount of air. These nine blades are powered by a specified at 100,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failures of life) motor.

The GameStorm TF120 of DeepCool incorporates a 4-pin connector to operate under PWM (ie, its speed varies depending on the system temperature) in a fairly wide range of speeds between 500 and 1800 RPM (moving an air flow to 76.52 CFM) and generating a noise from 17.6 dBA to the 31.3 dBA.

As mentioned earlier, it is a high performance fan and therefore even incorporates noise reducing elements, its main function is to provide great performance at the expense of the rest.

Other features that come with these GameStorm TF120 are rubber parts of the corners of the frame, so put that work damping the vibrations of the fan itself and thus reducing the noise emitted (although as mentioned before the design of these fans is designed for performance and not silence). Its comprehensive technical characteristics as specified by the manufacturer are:

Dimensions Weight Total Bearings voltage indicated
Fluid Dynamic Bearing 120X120X26mm 204g 12VDC
Operating voltage current start voltage indicated Consumption
7VDC 0.18 10.8 ~ 13.2VDC ± 10% A (MAX) 2.16W
Operating speed Max Airflow Noise
500 ± 200-1800 ± 10% RPM 76.52CFM (12V) / 58.39CFM (7V) 17.6 ~ 31.3dB (A)

The TF120 joins the already wide range of fans and cooling solutions DeepCool, and come in three colors: red with the same color LED lighting, white LED illumination in white and black, the latter with light blue. The company has not announced anything about the price and availability, but hopefully not take long to do.

For more information about this product and other brand, we encourage you to visit the website of DeepCool, where you can find all the details of GamerStorm TF120.

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