Dell Alienware Alpha

Dell Alienware Alpha

Dell has now given all the technical details and prices for his coming, living room-compatible Mini-PC Alienware Alpha known. The device should be available depending on the configuration from 550 US dollars and will be able to come up with among other things an Intel Haswell CPU and a Nvidia Maxwell Graphics unit.

Dell’s goal with the Alienware Alpha is to bring a PC-based alternative to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One on the market that can even outdo the two current games consoles. At least as far as the housing dimensions of the Alpha succeed also. The chassis of the mini-computer comprises a volume of 2.2 liters, while the PlayStation 4 to 4.8 and is the Xbox One to 7.4 liters. Should not be suppressed but in this comparison, the fact that both Sony and Microsoft console brings a Blu-ray drive, which lacks the Alienware Alpha.

As the performance of the compact living room computer from Dell ultimately fails and if he can keep PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in this respect in chess, first independent tests must show in the coming weeks. Dell certainly promises a lot and built to Intel’s fastest Haswell processors with a TDP (thermal design power) of 35 watts maximum, starting with the Core i3-4130T (two cores with 2.9 GHz clock frequency) to the Core i5-4765T (four cores with 3.0 GHz clock frequency up to). As a graphic unit firmly soldered notebook GPU is based on Nvidia’s Maxwell energy-efficient architecture for use, the GeForce GTX 860M.

Software-side running on the mini PC for the living room Microsofts Windows 8.1 and Steam Big Picture Mode is pre-configured. In addition, Dell missed the computer a more even developed surface, by the convenience of access is provided to critical content and settings from the couch with the included wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Dell intends to deliver the Alienware Alpha from November 2014 in four configurations. Prices start at 550 US dollars and range up to $ 900. Prices in Euros are currently not yet available.

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