DJI Phantom FC40

DJI Phantom FC40

The Chinese company DJI offers drones to suit all budgets and especially suited to a wide spectrum of users. For those who are entering the world of modeling and in particular , DJI offers the Phantom FC40 ready to fly a drone based on the original Phantom in version 1.1.1, which is the model that already has the NAZA V2 and dual antenna. The Phantom FC40 is also characterized by the presence of a remote control that operates on the 5.8 GHz frequency just like in the new models in the series Phantom Vision.

This choice has allowed DJI enter a WiFi 720P camera on the drone. In this way, the WiFi camera, working at frequencies from 2.4 GHz will not go to interfere with radio control. The camera, not being equipped with booster that amplifies the WiFi signal as the top models, has a transmission range of approximately 100 meters. In DJI Phantom FC40, the camera can be used both to record video in HD, it is simple to take photos but also to carry out flights in FPV (First Personal View), that is, using the eye of the drone as a reference point to fly.

DJI Phantom FC40

The camera does not have a gimbal and therefore lacks mechanical stabilization. The management module video of the drone is guaranteed by the presence of an application for iOS and Android. In addition, thanks to a support for mobile included as standard you can “fix” on the remote control smartphone to have all the controls of the drone available.

The drone DJI Phantom FC40 take-off weight less than 1.2 KG and has 4 8-inch propellers. Very good level of construction that has the same quality of Phantom high-end. Like all products in this category also the Phantom FC40 can be customized thanks to a wide range of original accessories and other third parties. The remote control allows a range of about 400 meters and the 2200 mAh LiPo battery warrant, according to the manufacturer about a 15 minute flight range.

The DJI Phantom FC40 costs 439 euro and can be purchased both online and at many hobby shops.

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