Elecam Explorer Elite 4K

Gone are those days when the GoPro dominated the market. Its high price has led to the new boom of Chinese sports cameras achieve their deserved space. SJCam probably are most popular, but we can not lose sight of others like Gitup GIT2 or Elecam. Just today we were talking about the Elecam Explorer Elite 4K, the renewal of the Explorer and Explorer Pro has surprised us by price and features.

Technical Specifications Elite Elecam Explorer 4K

Novatek Chip NTK96660
170 ° lens, 140th, 110th, 70th
Sony Exmor IMX078 sensor
Screen 2 inch LCD with 960 x 240 resolution
Videos 720P (120 fps)
1080P (1920 x 1080)

2K (2560 x 1440) at 30 fps

4K (3840 x 2160)

Elecam Explorer Elite 4K 2 Elecam Explorer Elite 4K

MicroHDMI connections, MicroUSB (Load, Data and Video), TV out, USB 2.0 and MicroSD Slot up to 64GB
Wi-Fi connectivity
1.050mAh battery (autonomy approximately 75 minutes in 1080)
Dimensions 5.92 x 4.10 x 2.98 cm
55g without housing

Design Explorer Elecam Elite 4K

Elecam found in the Elite Explorer 4K very similar to other cameras action sports cameras or design. Cuboid, at the top we have the button on / off and recording, while the lateral connections appear.

is famous for its large 2-inch screen that takes up the entire back and although we wish it will have a higher resolution, defended pretty well in practice.

The Elecam Explorer Elite 4K x 4.10 x 5.92 measured 2.98 cm and weighs only 55 grams. It is available on the purchase link that we leave at the end of this article in two colors, black and silver, generally black is usually much more welcome, especially among those who will use while doing sports that can more littering the camera, take punches, etc. Normally the dark color usually best camouflage the daily battle.

Elecam Explorer Elite 4K
Elecam Explorer screen Elite 4K
Reviewing its characteristics: what gives this new model?

As its name suggests, the main claim of the Elecam Explorer Elite 4K is precisely the ability to record at UHD. Not inconsiderable is not the wide-angle lens that allows us to open up to 170 degrees to capture the best shots. We can also adjust the viewing angle to 140 °, 110 ° and 70 °, all with a sensor signed by Sony.

As for autonomy, it promises more than 1 hour (about 75 minutes) with 1080p recording, time will be significantly reduced if we choose the 4K format. Despite its compact size it is more than just ridiculous weight and we are confident that most of us would not mind sacrificing weight slightly in return enjoy better autonomy in our outings. If they are long, we may be be quite short.

To preview the pictures you take with it, we have a 2-inch screen with a resolution of only 960 x 240 pixels.

Finally, to control the camera from your mobile and share files over WiFi, we recommend getting off the official app you’ll find the following QR codes.

You can download the app for Android or iOS
Where to buy and price Elecam Explorer Elite 4K

We can find the 4k Elecam Explorer Elite for only 63.07 euros in Igogo. Watch out! This offer is limited to 50 units in each color, so we recommend you hurry if you do not want to stay without it. Enjoy a small camera with excellent results as those Elecam offers.

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