Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer 400

Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer 400

Adopted at the beginning of the month specification Bluetooth 4.2 includes improvements to enhance the role of the wireless interface on the Internet of things. In particular, we are talking about the new features in version Bluetooth Smart, different maximum energy efficiency. Furthermore, increased safety and speed of data transmission.

To assist developers in implementing innovations, the company Ellisys, specializing in the production testers and protocol analyzers, announced support for Bluetooth 4.2 protocol analyzer Bluetooth Explorer 400 All-in-One Protocol Analyzer.

Prior to this, the developers found themselves in the classical situation with the “chicken and egg”: using outdated protocol analysis tools, based on the capabilities of the existing radio frequency chips, they experienced difficulties with the creation of solutions that support the new version of the specification, and the absence of such decisions is not allowed to release updated appliances.

Bluetooth 4.2 interface will help the development of the Internet of things

Analyzer Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer 400, released four years ago, is programmable, allowing you to extend its capabilities with the development of specifications Bluetooth. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the analyzer gave the opportunity to work with the innovations even at the conceptual stage, before their inclusion in the standard. For example, as Bluetooth 4.2, support for new features actually appeared in the Bluetooth Explorer 400 almost a year ago. This allows manufacturers to shorten the development cycle and produce new products in a timely manner, being sure they are compatible and meets the latest specifications.

Among the key advantages of Bluetooth Explorer 400 manufacturer highlights the possibility of simultaneous, synchronous signal capture Classic Bluetooth BR / EDR and Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy), and analysis of the energy spectrum in the 2.4 GHz band. Equipment device includes ports USB HCI, UART HCI (2 pcs.) And SPI HCI (2 pcs.). Possible to obtain logic signals and the audio stream (I2S), signaling transport protocol Wireless Coexistence Interface 2 (WCI-2) and work with encrypted traffic. The analyzer is provided in several configurations optimized for certain tasks.

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