Epson L355 and L555

Epson L355 and L555

You know the safe: printer you get now almost given, the printer ink, however, is almost as expensive as gold. Epson will now go the opposite way and today introduced two new printers before, although in the purchase quite expensive in maintenance, however, are but extremely low.

The printer hear the name Epson L355 and L555 Epson and instead come with individual replaceable ink cartridge with permanently installed ink cartridge with 70ml capacity therefore. These can then simply fill itself.

But the best for last: The refill bottles also have a capacity of 70ml, should only cost around 10 euros and have a range of 4000 black and white pages or 6,500 color pages. Now that’s an announcement from Epson, right? Thus we arrive at a cost per page of just 0.71 cents (!) Per color page or 0.25 cents (!) Per black and white page. In comparison, conventional business printers are also price 4-6 cents per color page.

Both printers also have a scanner and can accordingly be used as a copier. In addition, the printer can also be integrated via WLAN to the network. The smaller of the two, the L355, priced to be around 300 euros. With 400 euros the L555 is again about it, but additionally offers an integrated fax and an automatic document feeder for 30 pages.
Both print approximately nine pages per minute, so are not necessarily the fastest of all.

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