EVGA, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of high-level computer components, today unveiled his latest creation. This is the EVGA DG-87, a box of high-end designed to accommodate the most extreme computer that your imagination can dream (and our pocket to pay).

This box comes with dimensions of 686 x 642 x 270 mm and a weight of 19.6 kg, and combines manufacturing steel chassis, while the panels are made of aluminum to lighten some weight and become more manageable.

Monta whatever you want in the EVGA DG-87.



And it is that we have a box designed to mount any motherboard accompanied by all the components that we might occur. We can install a motherboard E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX, four graphics cards and any sink that we feel like (270mm wide). As box intended for liquid cooling, we have room to install up to eight 140mm (6x pre-installed) as well as multiple combinations of radiators including 1x 240mm, 280mm 1x, 2x 2x 360mm or 420mm.
Storage will not be a problem, because we have room for no more and no less than twelve bays of 2.5 “which also accommodate space for installation 8 3.5” HDD.

If you like to install cards, plus a combination of up to 4 graphics cards, we have a total of 9 PCI slots for installing any other hardware such as sound cards, storage units or PCI Express SAS controller.

The EVGA DG-87 also has interesting extras like a LED display that tells us the temperature (bring probe), a bracket for liquid, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0, one USB 3.1 Type-C and controller fans, all located on the left side of it. The whole case is focused on achieving an air flow of high level and has a side window to admire the team’s ride, in addition to the illuminated logo.

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