When we are still waiting for the arrival of the new helmets of virtual reality as Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus, to give a couple of examples, start to go crazy the first accessories that promise greater immersion for them.

FeelReal is the case, a prototype coupled to the virtual reality helmet shift mask with its creators want you can experience the smells of this fictional setting, feeling the wind or heat and more. It also includes a microphone and, according to its makers, the mask does not contact with our skin, but is separated inches from our faces.
This prototype mask looks more like a punishment than a junk with which I have fun environments RV
Techniques of this torture Features …

It is a prototype, okay, but just looking at it and gives some bad feeling. One thing is put on a virtual reality helmet and be inspired, but complemented with junk plasticoso you cover the rest of the face does not sound too nice (breathing into a mask never has been). On The Verge they were able to test and do not speak just too well from experience. In short, overwhelmed and does not offer realistic sensations for now.

As for the technical characteristics of FeelReal, this is what is on the official product page:

Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR connection with an operating range of up to 10m
Internal rechargeable battery with 4 hours of battery life
Two microventiladores to generate fresh air
Two microheaters with integrated temperature sensors
Adjustable Vibration Motor
Ultrasonic system to vaporize water ionizing
Generator odors with removable cartridge incorporates seven different flavors (ocean, jungle, fire, grass, dust, flowers and metal)
Integrated Bluetooth Microphone
Compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsun Gear VR, VR Project Morpheus and Zeiss One

FeelReal Image: The Verge

The FeelReal also features a proprietary video player thanks to which we can watch movies adjusting what feelings we get as well as their levels. One of Michael Bay with the wind and the smell of fire and metal butt may be to go crazy (if one does not die before being overwhelmed).

The development kit is available for booking at a price of $ 249 and is scheduled to begin the first units to be sent next summer. I hope you come out better alternatives, because this FeelReal not look particularly good.

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