Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

And ‘the smartband fitness world’s most popular, the Fitbit Flex was chosen from thousands of sports and not for its unique characteristics.

It’s cheap, has the colored bracelets replaceable battery lasts less than 5 days, it is wireless and also works very well.

After Black Friday on Amazon also choose to 75 € shipped (if you have a subscription Prime ed.)

Before buying, to know what it is and how it works, you can read the full review of to this address but very briefly, FitBit Flex is a bracelet dedicated to fitness, on the wrist basically 24 hours 24.

It ‘a wearable devoid of the screen and is worn using a casing that has the form of a silicone cuff. Flex communicates with the user wearing it through five LEDs, which are called with a double tap. Fitbit Flex is designed for those who wants to be a target in terms of daily calories, steps and distance, to control during the day via the LEDs, but whose statistics can be deepened by connecting the cuff to the appropriate app available for iOS and Android.

Flex is, thus, an activity trackers to 360 ° that constantly measures the daily activities, including the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned and the minutes of activity. At night, however, monitors the duration and quality of sleep.

Flex is small and discreet, always keep your wrist, sweat resistant, rain and water contact.

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