Casio has a new G-SHOCK. Attractive features make it resemble a smartwatch. If in the past, in the multifunction timepiece of the Rising Sun, bluetooth connections have been implemented to Apple and Android devices, starting next September 19 launch date, the new G-SHOCK GBA 400 will be integrated search function on-line music and songs.

Features more and more smart in the solid body of this classic designed for extreme challenges. Casio collaborates with SoundHound to improve the user experience of its watches. The bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android smartphone G-SHOCK GBA 400 allows an application to transform the display into a terminal to manage your playlist. Through apps and G’Mix + G-Shock watch is able to record the music you are listening to, send it to SoundHound app (which will search on-line) on your smartphone and receive and display the details of the piece on display LCD underneath the hands.

The musical controller is activated by the crown and by the adjacent buttons. By turning the wheel and pressing the buttons, you will be able to activate the search of a song without wasting time to launch smartphone apps, with the risk (the applicant) that the song ends before you are ready to look for it. Slide and manage music files on your smartphone will be possible as in previous models of Casio G-SHOCK.

Resistance to 20 ATM depth, impact, control time for 100 cities in the world and ensures a battery that lasts 2 years (use of 2 hours per day functions) complete the specifications of this new G-SHOCK GBA 400 . initially available in Japan, will be released at a price of 23,000 yen ($ 225). Casio watches had already become accustomed to looking rugged and heart smart, but this new G-SHOCK is literally a whole different music!

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